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Instructions for Tiny Chainmail Steampunk Dragons

Instructions for Tiny Chainmail Steampunk Dragons

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This is a set of instructions for building two different types of a tiny chainmail dragon. These can be worn as a 14" necklace or wrapped twice around the wrist as a bracelet, and can also sit up on their own.
Skill Level: intermediate

This tutorial specifically shows you how to make these dragons in aluminum. If you would like to use stainless steel or other materials, information for that is here (as well as how to make ear cuffs and headbands):

I recommend making a regular sized dragon before you try this one. There are some very tiny rings that go into awkward spots, so having experience with this will make this project easier.

This tutorial assumes that you can weave dragonback, which is a combination of european 4 in 1 and half persian 3 in 1. It also assumes you can weave byzantine. It also assumes you have familiarity with scalemail. Chainmail101 and The Ring Lord are good resources for these.

This tutorial has been tested with rings and scales from The Ring Lord and Chainmail Joe. Different manufacturers sometimes have slight differences in rings even when they are listed as the same size. So, I have made notes where slight changes in AR affect the quality of the overall dragon and have made suggestions for alternate sized rings. NOTE: Chainmail Joe does not make scales or the smallest sized rings that you will need for this dragon, so you will not be able to get all your supplies from him.

This tutorial is for personal use only. It, or its contents, may not be reproduced or published without prior written consent. You may sell the finished product and give design credit to Weaving Links.

If you would just like the finished dragons, you can purchase them here:
And here:

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