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Instructions for Serenity Pendant

Instructions for Serenity Pendant

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This is a set of instructions for building five different versions of the Serenity Pendant. There are three different sizes made with a mix of stainless steel, copper, and titanium. And, there are two different sizes made with aluminum.

There are lots of very small rings that go into very tight places, so I have classified this tutorial as intermediate to advanced.

This tutorial also assumes that you can weave byzantine and are comfortable capturing rivolis or chatons.

This tutorial has been tested with rings from The Ring Lord and Chainmail Joe. NOTE: different sized rings and other materials have not been tested with these instructions. If you change the sizes or materials, you might need to make adjustments.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via the Weaving Links Etsy page, Facebook page, or Instagram.

This tutorial is for personal use only. It, or its contents, may not be reproduced or published without prior written consent. You may, of course, sell what you make.

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