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Instructions for Box Drops and Alternating Box Drops

Instructions for Box Drops and Alternating Box Drops

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This is a set of instructions for building a chain of Box Drops and Alternating Box Drops. This is a versatile weave and works with a wide range of AR ring sizes. If you don’t understand AR, not to worry! I tested eight different ring sizes and included all of them in this tutorial.

This tutorial assumes you are familiar with either Byzantine or Box weaves. If you have never made a Box chain or a Byzantine chain, I highly recommend doing that before attempting Box Drops. There are lots of free resources on learning how to do this weave. If you search for Byzantine or Box 4-in-1, several things should come up. and Joshua Dilberto’s Tome of Weaves are great resources.

When building the segments in box drops, it doesn’t have the same kind of structure as regular box weave. The rings can flop around a bit until the last two rings go into place, so I rate these instructions as Experienced Beginner.

This tutorial has been tested with rings from Chain Reaction Canada, Chainmail Joe, and The Ring Lord. The outer ranges of ring sizes that work for this weave are either very tight or very loose, depending on the manufacturer—especially if you are using anodized aluminum. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via the Weaving Links Etsy page, Facebook page, or Instagram.

Box Drops was discovered by Weaving Links. This tutorial is for personal use only. It, or its contents, may not be reproduced or published without prior written consent. However, you can sell what you make with it.

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