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Add-on to Instructions for Winged Dragon Sculpture

Add-on to Instructions for Winged Dragon Sculpture

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These instructions are an add-on to the original Winged Dragonscale Dragon tutorial. The head has been redesigned, so there are detailed steps and photos that show how to build it. But the steps for building the rest of the dragon are in the original tutorial, which is located here.
Skill Level: intermediate to advanced

I have recently tested larger sized rings and scales for this dragon, and that information is also in this tutorial. These new rings work with the original instructions, so only ring sizes are provided. When finished, this new dragon is flexible, poseable, can sit up tall, or lay down flat. It measures 34 inches from nose to tail, and the wingspan measures 32 inches at the widest points--this is almost a foot longer than the original dragon.

These instructions have been tested with anodized aluminum rings from The Ring Lord, Chain Reaction Canada, and from Chainmail Joe. Scales have been tested from The Ring Lord and Steampunk Garage.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message via the Weaving Links Facebook page, Etsy page, or Instagram.

These instructions are for personal use only. It, or its contents, may not be reproduced or published without prior written consent. You may sell what you make with these instructions, just give credit to the design by Weaving Links.

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